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Fun with water balloons in the garden

water balloon

Summer season is the perfect timing to enjoy memorable and happy moments with your loved ones. It is the best solution to unwind and rest from your stressful environment. Well, playing with your family especially your kids is one of the most pleasurable moments that you can experience. To make the best of your summer experience, you can have fun with water balloons in the garden.                                                                                    

Playing with water is the best idea to make your child explore and experience fun. Water balloons can help your kids to grow and develop their skills.                              


  • It increases the balance and strength of your kids                

Splashing around with water balloons in your garden, your child can improve his or her strength and balance. Playing with water is a new playground that provides the kids with new sensory experience. The jumping, clapping hands and other water play activities can help to develop your child’s skills. They can also experiment on crashing and falling into hard surfaces without worrying.                               

Games with water balloons add resistance which makes it serve as strength training. It requires muscle strength to move legs and arms in the water. Waterplay boosts the physical strength and balance of your child. 

  • Learning and exploration  

Waterplay provides your child with the unlimited opportunity for discoveries as well as physical experiments. The kids can investigate dirt, wood, sand, rocks and other dry substances. Well, they can discover what will happen to these substances if these are mixed with water. They can also even think about the concepts such as volume and water displacement as they explore with water. Water play can also lead to biological adventures.        

  • Coordination 

Playing with water balloons will not just bring fun and excitement to the kids. It can also help to boost their coordination. Thus, being physically active during waterplay allows your children to develop muscles and enhance their motor skills. Different activities with water balloons involve coordination. Swimming, dancing, throwing objects and others can help improve your child’s coordination.    

  • Communication abilities and social skills            

Playing with water balloons makes your children explore and communicate with other kids. Their experience offers your child with the opportunity for social development. The feeling of excitement makes them communicate with everyone that surrounds them.

It is the best way to boost the confidence, communication skills as well as the social abilities of the child. Water play also empowers the teamwork and leadership abilities of the kids. Working as a team in the water play, they will be able to learn to socialize and establish good friendships. 

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If you want to have a thrilling and amazing summer experience, adding water balloons in your garden is the best solution. Moreover, to add thrill and more happiness to your summer, the following are some of the best games with water balloons that you can choose to enjoy the hot weather.        

  • Paint with water balloons        

If you love arts, then this game is perfect for you. You can use the water balloons in painting. A balloon which is filled with air and water is a new sensory to the kids. With the weight added by water in the balloons, you can expect beautiful and lovable painting results.                             

  • Hot Potato 

In this water game, the kids will sit on a circle and begin to pass around the water balloons. You can play the music and turn off the music. The kid who is left holding the water balloon or pops it is out of the game. The last kid that will remain in the game is the winner.    

  • Water Balloon Number Target Practice

To make this water play more fun and challenging, you can combine the number recognition and water balloons. It can serve as an easy, exciting as well as educational summer water play. 

  • Water Balloon Dodge Ball 

If you want to enjoy the hot season, you can play this game. In this game, you can allow your kids to hit you with the water balloons. These days, you are very busy with your work and other daily routines. With this, you deserve to have a break and enjoy a fun game with your kids. The game can be played with a group of kids. Make sure that you have a lot of water balloons and a group of kids to make the most of this water game. The kids can be separated into two teams; the one who gets hit by the other team member is out.                   

  • Balloon Roll 

In this game, you must keep your water balloon on the ground. The kid who rolls the water balloon the farthest without popping it is the winner. 

  • Water Balloon Darts 

This game is perfect for the kids and kids at heart. If you are searching for a fun summer activity, this one is a perfect choice. Here, you can make the water balloons as the targets, and you can place a value on each balloon (twenty points, forty points, sixty points, eighty points and one-hundred points). The team or kid who can have the highest total points is the winner. This game will enhance the skills of your child. 

  • Water Balloon Relay Race 

You can set up one chair for every team and put the water balloon in the seat. Then, the team players will run to the chair and sit on the balloon until it pops. When they pop the balloon, they can run and tag the next player. You need to place another balloon if each one is popped. The first team who pop all of their balloons and cross on the finish line is the winning team. 

  • Water Balloon Piñatas

The water balloons can be hanged in the clothesline and monkey bars. You can allow the kid to take turns to hit the piñatas. 

  • How Far Can You Go?   

This game is very simple. The kid who throws the water balloon the farthest without popping it is the winner. 

  • Water Balloon Challenge    

This water game is perfect for youth teams. The one who can make a big splash is the winner. 

  • Musical Water Balloons

You can keep the music rolling and have fun with this game. In this water game, you need one less water balloon on each round (five players = four water balloons). Gently put the balloons on the grass. Start playing the music and allow the kids to walk in a circular motion. At random intervals, turn off your music. When the music already stops, the kids must find a balloon where they can sit on it. The one left without water balloon to sit is out of the game. The last kid who left in the game is the winner. 

  • Water Balloon Spoon Races

You can use a wooden spoon or plastic serving spoon for this fun and easy summer water play. 

  • Fill the Bucket              

It was an enjoyable team game that is perfect for your kid’s group. Every team will use the water balloons to fill up the bucket. The team who fills their bucket first is the winning team. 

  • Water Balloon Yoyo   

You can cut a rubber band in half. The, you can attach the rubber band to the water balloon. The kids will yo-yo them up and down. The last team with their balloon intact is the winning group. 

To sum it up, you can have great fun with water balloons in the garden. It can help you to spend memorable moments with your family during the summer. If you want to have fun without spending much of your money, then you can have fun with water balloons games. 

Playing with your kids can help them to develop their skills. You can also experience peace of mind and relaxation while releasing the stress and tension through water games. Waterplay with your child can serve as your therapy to recharge your mind and body.