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could i put a swimming pool in my garden

swimming pool

It is natural that everyone wants to live in a beautiful and cozy home. Do you like to improve the value of your home? Then, it is time to put a swimming pool in your garden. You can enjoy a happy and comfortable outdoor lifestyle with your loved ones if you will place a swimming pool in your garden. 

If you want to establish an outstanding swimming pool in your garden, you need the assistance of a professional company. The installation of a swimming pool in your backyard is a difficult task. It requires knowledge and skills, so you must leave it to the experts.   


Swimming pool in your garden can bring you many benefits. 

  • You can have a cozy rest area

When you are tired after your work or have problems, you can go to your swimming pool and release the stress and tension you feel. Spending in your beautiful swimming pool will give you relaxation and peace of mind.       

  • It can enhance the overall appearance of your home

With the help of professionals, you can establish a beautiful and luxurious swimming pool. It can add beauty to your home and at the same time provides a relaxing ambiance in your area.                 

  • It creates a positive mood

Your clean and clear swimming pool can create a positive mood. So, it helps to change your negative thinking into a positive one. 


With a swimming pool in your garden, you can have a fun and amazing summer experience. There are various games which you can play with your family and friends in the water. Playing with your kids in hot weather can make you feel relax and happy. Some of the best swimming pool games you can choose from are the following:       

  • Mermaid races 

This water play is also known as a submarine or dolphin races. In this game, you can hold your breath, and the one who swims the longest in the underwater race is the winner. 

  • Invisi-bottle 

You can get an empty and clear two liters plastic bottle. You can pick the similar color as the pool tiles to make it more challenging. Pour the bottle with water in the pool and line the team members on the pool deck, with backs to the water. Once they hear the splash, the kids can turn around and find the Invisi-bottle. It is quite challenging as the bottle camouflages to the bottom.                          

  • Shark in the pool 

In this game, the players are allowed to hop in and out of the water. The shark, “it” will try to tag the players when they are in the water. When the shark tags someone, they will also become an “it.” You can also add variations by providing the shark with a snorkel, mask or fins so they can swim fast to catch the kids. The kids can stay out of the water for 5 seconds at a time to allow the shark to have a chance to catch them.                             

  • Treasure hunt

You can toss coins off the deck, and the kids will dive to find the coins. 

  • Popsicle 

It is a freeze tag game in the water. When someone was tagged, they will stand straight with their hands overhead like a Popsicle. The twist added to this game is submarining. When someone is underwater, they can’t be tagged by “it.” However, they can swim past a “popsicle” and release them.             

  • Atomic whirlpool

The kids can begin slowly moving around in a circle and then move quicker and quicker to create a whirlpool, and they can float on it. This game is perfect for the smaller pool.    

  • Scavenger hunt

You can get a collection of items and sink it in a pair like two coins, two dive toys, two pool rings, etc. You can toss them on the pool, and the teams will collect one of these items. The first to collect all the items is the winner.                      

Meanwhile, to enjoy these pool games, you must make sure that you have a durable and safe swimming pool. With the great competition in the market, you may find it challenging to find the company that can provide your swimming pool needs. Fortunately, the following tips can help you find the best swimming pool installer in your garden.     


  • Make sure that you are working with an insured and licensed swimming pool company 

The most important thing to consider in hiring a professional company is to make sure if you are working with a licensed one. It will help to save your time, money and energy from nothing. It is the way to avoid fake companies that take advantage of their customers. With this, you must find a reliable and trustworthy swimming pool installer that can meet your standards and expectations. 

  • Friendly and approachable team 

If you want to get the best company for the job, you must learn about their team. Are they friendly? Can they offer you great customer support?

  • Sound background and experience

Building your dream swimming pool in your garden can be successful if you work with a company who has sound knowledge and skills in the swimming pool installation. Professional technicians will make sure that your swimming pool project will be a success.                    

  • Practical and reasonable cost  

If you are budget conscious, then you must find a company that can offer excellent quality services at just a very affordable and wallet-friendly price.   

  • The superior quality of service         

You can bring to life your dream swimming pool if you hire a company that can offer premium quality of swimming pool services. The quality of work will determine the efficiency of your pool, so you must check the background of your potential contractor to avoid regrets and disappointments in the end. It can also avoid unnecessary expenses in the future that can be caused by rework. Make sure that your contractor can perform the best job all at once. 

  • State of the art equipment

The equipment used in the installation of your swimming pool is important. Thus, it will determine the efficiency and durability of your pool.    


When you have decided to put a swimming pool in your garden, you have the chance to enjoy rewarding and relaxing outdoor living. Your swimming pool is an excellent addition to your home. It can serve as your rest area during your free time.   

It is also a special place where you can experience laughter and excitement with your family, special someone, and friends. Swimming and playing in your swimming pool with your loved ones is the perfect solution to release the negative feelings and thoughts that have been holding you back.                 

The best about your swimming pool project is that you have the freedom to choose the design, style, and texture that best suits your standards, taste, personality and most of all to your budget. Your swimming pool project can be a big investment for you. With this, you must be careful in choosing the company that will provide you with the highest quality of pool that you always dream to have.

 You must also keep the maintenance and cleanliness of your swimming pool to make it safe and comfortable for you and your family. To make the most of your pool, you must create a master plan for your dream pool. You must decide about the style, design, and materials that you are going to use in your swimming pool project.                     

To sum it up, having a swimming pool in your garden is the perfect idea to have an elegant and beautiful backyard that can provide you with a comfortable and happy outdoor living.